Career Change Testimonials 

"I met Marlo during my junior year of college when I wanted to hone in on what kind of marketing I wanted to do when I graduated and was looking to gain targeted professional experience in an internship (paid or unpaid). Marlo guided me step by step which not only helped me land a critical internship in NYC, but also the job I wanted when I graduated. Marlo’s defined career transition strategies taught me how to evaluate and define and own my career trajectory for the rest of my life.”


N.B. Marketing Specialist

"I sought out Marlo for executive coaching to help me make resonant decisions faster that would affect the company. In the very first session, I knew Marlo would be my business coach for years to come. I was able to gain clarity in difficult decisions and learn how to influence in deeper up, down and sideways.  What makes these sessions unique is Marlo is not telling me what to do or how to do it. She gives me the space to take my time yet also pushes me when I am stuck, which I appreciate.  I highly recommend Marlo for all levels of coaching to raise your leadership."

     - VP, Entertainment Company

"Marlo provided exceptional coaching through a number of challenging professional scenarios. She is objective but also empathetic in all conversations, allowing me to achieve a greater self awareness which helped me grow as a leader. She distinguishes coaching from advice and when she gives advice, she is direct, open and transparent, translating her expertise into practical next steps that can be acted upon to resolve any career blockers you might be facing in the short or long-term."

- L.T. Ad Tech Executive

"I had a career in feature film production for 15 years and I was miserable. After 4 years of applying to any job that sounded cool I realized I needed help. Marlo's holistic approach and practical steps made me confident in the job hunting process, allowing me to turn rejection into opportunities for improvement and ultimately helping me secure a job in tech that is rewarding, fun, and has exceptional growth potential. Trust Marlo to guide you on this journey and you will be rewarded with a new job/career that's right for you.”


     - B.B., Content Operations

"When I first met Marlo, I knew from the start I had a friend for life. I was just a young working professional living in the Bay Area still defining my career path. After a few resume sessions, personal development meetings, and interview preps, I landed my biggest job thus far in my career.  Marlo has played a major role in my success and I’m forever grateful for her. Her brilliance and attentiveness is what stood out to me from day one. She listens and that’s very important!" 

- J.S. Senior Global Social Media Lead

"Marlo worked with me to discover what fueled my soul. It was more than just finding me another job. It was about finding something that would fulfill my desire to do mission driven work and still be an effective and involved mom. While I chose to stay in the broadcast news field, I looked outside my bubble and not only found a wonderful career in a new state, but also found a husband! I have now shifted into news management, which is something I dreamed about doing as a college co-ed.  These steps work to not only ramp your career trajectory, but also power your life!"

     - A.H., Broadcast Journalism

"At first I thought I’d have to take a crappy job and hope to work myself up. Now I know what I want to do and I’m super excited for the future. This process has opened up a whole new world for me. My husband is excited about it. My mom is excited about it. I feel really good and energized."

     - B.M. Masters' Student

"The more I excelled in business, the lonelier it becomes because you can only talk to the highest levels of the organization.  Marlo provided that additional ear to help me be confident in making difficult decisions for my business which supported the mission of our company.  I am grateful for every session with Marlo because the agenda is mine and I always walk away from each conversation with renewed purpose and clarity."

     - SVP, Technology Company