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Feeling Stuck in Your Career?

Award-winning career and executive coach
Marlo Lyons' new course helps you navigate the path to a satisfying and successful career.

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Announcing “Career Clarity: From Values to Fulfillment”

"Career Clarity: From Values to Fulfillment" is a comprehensive 10-session course designed to help you discover not only what you can do, but also what you truly want to do.


Each session provides direct guidance to assist you in identifying a fulfilling career tailored to your individual needs. This course includes a series of videos offering practical advice how to translate your skills and capabilities from your work, education, volunteer, military and life experiences to your new career or job.

By the end of this series, you will be equipped with all the necessary tools to confidently apply and interview for a new job.

Packages and Pricing

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Quick Start

  • 499$
    Valid for 12 months

For those looking for a new job or to transition careers and want to do it on their own time.

Full 10-session video access*

Downloadable workbook

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  • 1,499$
    Valid for 12 months

For those who want to find a new job or transition careers and need Marlo’s help identifying and defining what’s important to them.

Full 10-session video access*

Downloadable workbook

Two 45 minute individual coaching sessions with Marlo

10% discount on additional coaching packages

Includes Two Individual Coaching Sessions

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  • 2,650$
    Valid for 12 months

For those seeking a new career or career transition and want Marlo’s additional expertise for their personal or professional situation.

Full 10-session video access*

Downloadable workbook

Four 60 minute individual coaching sessions with Marlo

15% discount on additional coaching packages

Autographed copy of Marlo's book "Wanted -> A New Career"

Includes Four Individual Coaching Sessions

*Access to videos is valid for one year from the date of payment. Individual coaching sessions are subject to the terms and conditions in the Coaching and Consulting Agreement, which must be agreed to at checkout. The content may not be assigned, shared, exchanged, downloaded, or copied for a third party. All sales are final, with no refunds.

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What topics are covered in the course?

Click the Play button on the video to see an overview, or click the link below for a written description.

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Who Is Marlo Lyons?

Marlo Lyons is an experienced executive strategist with over 20 years of experience in inspiring and empowering individuals in their careers and businesses.

Starting her career in TV news as a reporter, Marlo later ventured into law, but realized her passion lay elsewhere. She worked at NBC and Viacom, handling production risk for major reality shows. Her journey then led her to become certified in career, executive, and team coaching as she transitioned to roles in human resources at Roku and Intuitive, where she honed her skills in coaching executives and teams.

With her extensive business, management, leadership, and HR expertise, Marlo now specializes in helping clients navigate career transitions, recover from terminations, re-enter the workforce, or move into entrepreneurship, offering personalized strategies for success.

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These steps work to not only ramp your career trajectory, but also power your life!

Marlo worked with me to discover what fueled my soul. It was more than just finding me another job. It was about finding something that would fulfill my desire to do mission driven work and still be an effective and involved mom.

- A.H., Broadcast Journalist

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Marlo encouraged me to set my aim higher, to get the title and salary of my dreams and not settle for less

I truly owe my success to her expertise, knowledge of the contemporary hiring process, and practical problem solving advice.

- J.M., Engineering Executive

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It didn't feel like she was teaching or coaching me - it felt like a partnership in helping me achieve my goals.

Here I am six months into my new career and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to get to work every day.

- S.P., VP Technology Company

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