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How did you do that?

I am asked this question daily when I tell people I successfully transitioned careers multiple times.


All the Career Transition Strategies® I use to coach my clients are captured in my award winning book, Wanted       A New Career, so you can now learn how to transfer your skills to any new career or job that will be most fulfilling for YOU! 


First-Horizon-Award-Winner for A New Career
A New Career from Marlo Lyons, A Eric-Hoffer-Award-Short-List-Finalist
Eric Hoffer Winner Award for The Book Wanted, A New Career
Wanted A New Career by Marlo Lyons
Finding A Dream Job Amazon Review
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The US Review of Books: RECOMMEND

"Lyons communicates her objectives with clarity and authority. Each chapter is focused, detailed, and topical. She seeks to motivate but also gives meaningful advice that helps to demystify the job search process, which can feel unwieldy and overwhelming and constantly like a long shot into the dark. Reading this book will put job searchers in control of the process and likely embolden people to turn off the straight and narrow career path and wind their way around to something new and rewarding.

Headshot of Marlo Lyons Career Coach

Filled with actionable tools and helpful examples, Lyons' book helps to alleviate the fears that often accompany the career pivot that people may be considering in the wake of the pandemic. Many people are finding openings that weren't there before or seeing their jobs in a new light after the shake-up of the past years. This timely guide will help readers lean into the power of this moment to find jobs that will fulfill them and meet their needs as the landscape of the workforce changes and adapts."

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What You Will Learn

A New Job For You Book


No fancy assessments that cost a lot of money.  And no pros and cons lists of each career. Discovering and defining your values - what is truly important to you in a job and in life - will help guide you to finding a fulfilling job and career.  Wanted -> A New Career will help you dream, define, and translate those dreams into reality.


This step-by-step guide will help you determine which skills and capabilities are required to make the transition to any new career, teach you how to translate your transferable skills through the lens of the new career or job, and understand how to format your resume with keywords, fill in any employment gaps, make sure your application is seen, and entice recruiters to find you. 


The first call from a recruiter will open doors or close them. Wanted - > A New Career provides detailed examples how to master the recruiter screen and subsequent interviews to land the job. You will be able to confidently answer the interview opener, "Can you tell me a little about yourself?" as well as questions about employment gaps, and your biggest "weakness." Finally, you will learn how to negotiate a salary that compensates you for your value.  Your story is unique, but how you tell it matters. 

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