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life isn't linear

This playbook teaches you how to take control of your career - and life.

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Wanted → A New Career helps you say goodbye to the confines of your current job and say hello to the exhilarating journey of landing your dream career.


This definitive guide includes all my Career Transition Strategies® to help you figure out what you want to do, not just what you can do, and then transfer your skills and experience to any new career or job.

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“If you’re looking for a new rewarding career, this is a must-read book. Basically, this is a step-by-step guide for moving your career, and your happiness, forward.”

 Randy L. Thurman 

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“Lyons empowers readers to choose what they want and what they don't, and her book will offer support throughout the process.”

US Review of Books

“Reading this book will put job searchers in control of the process and likely embolden people to turn off the straight and narrow career path and wind their way around to something new and rewarding.”

US Review of Books

“Lyons inspires readers to move from a place of fear and complacency regarding their career into a place of passion and excitement for possibility.

US Review of Books

“Whether you are actively looking for a job or just thinking about it, Wanted - A New Career is the best book you will ever read. I highly recommend this book to you, your college aged children, or anyone who wants to know more about LinkedIn.”

Joanne B. Queenin

Verified Amazon Purchase

“Job seekers have the playbook they need to manage their job search and launch themselves onto a better career track.”

US Review of Books

“This book not only is blunt, pragmatic and inspirational, but it's literally the bible for anyone thinking of transitioning to that dream career that they put off or considered was a pipe dream.”

Verified Amazon Purchase

what's inside

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Wanted → A New Career focuses on uncovering and defining your values, guiding you toward a fulfilling job without costly assessments or lengthy pros and cons lists. It empowers you to turn your aspirations into reality.

Prepping for your Future  

This guide is your ultimate roadmap to smoothly transitioning your expertise to a new career or job.

Discover how to seamlessly align your skills and experience with any new role, draft your resume and LinkedIn profile to entice recruiters, and master pre- and post-application strategies to ensure your resume grabs attention in the crowded job market.

prepping for future title
making the transition title

Making the Transition  

Wanted -> A New Career provides comprehensive examples of how to master recruiter screens and interviews to leave a positive lasting impression.

You will learn the secrets to confidently responding to any question, striking the perfect balance of detail to captivate your interviewer and showcase your unique capabilities.

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