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End Your Career Confusion Now!

It’s time to stop asking, “Why am I unfulfilled in my career and how do I make a change?”

Let's Chat About Career Coaching

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Feeling fulfilled in your career is about figuring out what you want to do, not just what you can do.

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 - Marlo Lyons -

"I'm unhappy with what I'm doing now, yet unsure about what I'd rather do."

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I understand the feeling of being lost and confused. Don't worry, though! My Career Transition Strategies® have guided hundreds to career clarity, halting that mental swirl and leading them to fulfilling careers.


While these strategies are foundational, your journey will be uniquely tailored to you.

My Career Transition Strategies

Self Discovery
Step 2 - The Search
Step 3 - Dig Deeper
Step 4 - The Resume
Step 5 - Interviews
Ive applied for hundreds of jobs and Im getting nowhere

”I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs and I’m not getting any traction.”

Spraying your resume to every job isn't a strategy, nor is redrafting it for each application. Understanding the job search process, including pre- and post-application actions, is as crucial as your resume's positioning.

  • If you are not even being contacted for a recruiter screen, your resume might not be highlighting your capabilities that are applicable to the job.

  • If you are not getting past the recruiter screen, it suggests a need for better interview preparation.

  • If you are struggling to pass the hiring manager interview or panel interviews, refining your interviewing technique is essential.

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Ive been waiting for a promotion but it hasnt happened

“I’ve been waiting for a promotion but it hasn’t happened.”

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Having the 'what' — the hard skills — isn't enough for career advancement. It's the 'how' — your soft skills — that sets you apart and defines you as a leader.

With my background in management, leadership, and HR, I understand how leaders view promotions. I can help you turn any feedback you've received into steps to elevate your leadership skills, boost your visibility, and enhance your influence. Just bring vulnerability and self-awareness.

Isn't it time to invest in yourself and find happiness in your career?

Yes! It is possible with the right guidance and resources.


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It felt like a partnership in helping me achieve my goals.

I came to Marlo because I was lost after 20+ years at the same company and in the same field. I was unfulfilled and it was impacting my home life. Here I am six months into my new career and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Marlo for your expertise and guidance!

- S.P., VP Technology Company.

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Marlo was able to help me understand exactly what I needed to do and translate those into actionable changes I could make.

Within six months, I got my VP stripes. I now know what I need to do to be a great leader to my team and continue to grow in my career.

- C.J., VP IT

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When she gives advice, she is direct, open and transparent, translating her expertise into practical next steps.

Marlo is objective but also empathetic in all conversations, allowing me to achieve a greater self awareness which helped me grow as a leader.

- L.T., Ad Tech Executive

Still not sure if you need a Career Coach?

Check out my Harvard Business Review Article on

"Do You Need A Career Coach?"

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