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Marlo lyons

Career, Executive, and Team Coach

Hi! I'm Marlo. I’ve spent more than 20 years inspiring, motivating, and empowering people to excel in their careers and businesses. I take pride in being a master connector and career architect, dedicated to empowering individuals in their professional endeavors, whether in a corporate office or an entrepreneurial venture.


Through personalized career, executive, and team coaching, I provide the support and guidance needed to craft the perfect career path (even if you don’t know what you want to do), develop or enhance executive leadership capabilities, and foster effective and productive teams.


I've Been There. I Get it.

Navigating Career Change

Embarking on finding a new career or job can be challenging. I've experienced those challenges and, at times, felt confused and, quite frankly, lost in trying to navigate my path forward. However, I discovered that determining your next step is simpler than remaining inactive or being engulfed in uncertainty. I'm committed to helping you discover a meaningful and fulfilling career, irrespective of your educational background or experience.

Empowering Executives

Making pivotal business decisions and navigating the corporate and entrepreneurial landscape are crucial to your long-term success as a leader. That’s why I work closely with executives to enhance leadership capabilities and unlock their intuition and confidence to drive their business. This leads to tackling business problems with certainty in decision-making, ultimately enhancing productivity and fostering employee engagement.

My Story

marlo as a reporter

Early Career in TV News

My own career journey started in TV news, where I was a General Assignment and Consumer Investigative Reporter in five states. After I was fired - yes fired! - I didn't know what I wanted to do. So, I secured a new job in TV news knowing I'd be getting back into the business to get out. While working full time as a Consumer Investigative Reporter in Oklahoma City, I went to night law school because I always had an interest in law.

From Law to Reality TV!

It took just one summer as a law firm clerk for me to realize that the law wasn't my final destination. After finishing school, I took off for Los Angeles to be a screenwriter. I thought for sure Law & Order needed me!


Well, the show didn't need me and I spent the next six years at NBC performing reality show due diligence, including reviewing casts’ background checks, psychological exams, and medical exams on some of the biggest reality shows such as The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser, The Real Housewives of NJ, and Top Chef.

marlo working at nbc
marlo working at viacom

Leadership Role at Viacom

After six more years as a VP at Viacom, leading the company's Production Risk Team and managing legal and publicity risk through diligence plus managing immigration, foreign travel compliance, and child labor on shows like Teen Mom, Catfish, Real World, Challenges, and Love & Hip Hop, I needed a change. Despite my passion for writing, team leadership, coaching and mentoring, I was once again lost, uncertain about my future career path.

Career Transition and
HR Experience

That’s when I employed my proven Career Transition Strategies®, which helped me stop the career confusion in my head. I confidently determined I wanted to be a Career, Executive, and Team Coach. Subsequently, I embraced the position of Director, Human Resources Business Partner at Roku, where I coached five C-Suite leaders and their executives. This experience provided valuable insights into the intricacies of HR, including how companies align capabilities with company goals and understanding the dynamics of recruitment from the hiring manager perspective.

marlo at roku company
marlo holding her book

Current Role and Coaching Philosophy

From Roku, I transitioned to Intuitive, where I continued to thrive in a comparable role, coaching executives and teams towards ultimate productivity and success. As a working mom with more than 20 years of business, management, and leadership expertise, along with my deep understanding of HR, I am able to empower each client to identify the optimal strategic pathway forward. Recognizing the uniqueness of every journey, my coaching is tailored to guide you toward your desired outcome. Let's embark on a journey of growth and success together!



  • ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

  • Co-Active Training Institute Certified Coach (CPCC)

  • ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC)

  • ORSC trained

  • Accenture/Kates Kessler Org Design trained

  • SPHR - Senior Professional Human Resources

  • GPHR - Global Professional Human Resources

  • JD - California licensed lawyer

  • 360 Certified, Center for Creative Leadership


  • Thousands of coaching hours including C-Suite leaders, hiring managers and employees at all levels

  • Successfully changed careers multiple times and helped clients' do the same with a proven structured approach

  • Public company executive

  • Leader at multiple private and start up companies

  • HR executive / Leader / Manager

  • Award-Winning Author: Wanted -> A New Career

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