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Job Rejection Doesn't Have to Sting

The second you receive the rejection phone call or email from your dream company, you immediately try to figure out why. But the answer may be elusive, especially if the person on the other end doesn’t give you much information to go on. The author presents several possible reasons you didn’t get the job, plus five ways to learn from the rejection to position yourself for success in future interviews. First, take time in advance to think through deep questions that will give you a more realistic view of a prospective employer. Second, reflect on the job you didn’t get and whether it truly aligned with your values. Third, sharpen your interviewing skills by thinking back to the questions you were asked and how your counterpart reacted to your answers. Fourth, see if you can get feedback from your interviewer. Finally, to develop resilience, figure out what kind of self-care you need to heal after rejection.

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