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Imposter Syndrome - Battle the Brain

Updated: Mar 5

Overcoming imposture syndrome during the job search

According to Wiki, Imposter Syndrome is defined as someone who "doubts their skills, talents and accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud." OUCH! Ever feel this way? Your resume is ready, you are prepared with an answer for every possible question you could be asked in an interview, and you are ready to apply for jobs but then you freeze and wonder, "Maybe I'm not as good as I think I am."

Here are five ways to stop the battle in your brain and keep Imposter Syndrome from dragging you down during your job search.

👉1. Write down your accomplishments - When you are working you see your impact daily - you complete a project, have a productive conversation with a colleague, achieve a goal. Unfortunately, when you are not working, it's hard to remember all of your accomplishments and it's hard to remember if you made an impact at all. Therefore, if you write down all of your accomplishments and think back to the time you made an impact, you will reinforce the fact that your skills and capabilities are worthy of a new exciting role.

👉2. Network with people who have worked with you - Everyone needs a pick-me-up now and then. There's no better place to get that than from colleagues who know your work and have seen you be successful. A phone call, a lunch, a quick email…communicate with people who know you can bring value to a company and are willing to help you land your next role.

👉3. Practice your skills - There are so many ways to stay engaged in your field or work to transition to a new field even if you are not working, such as volunteering, interning, taking classes. If you are researcher, create your own research project. If you are a business analyst, analyze a business you always wanted to work for from public filings. Find a way to continue to grow your skills which will advance your career.

👉4. Believe in yourself - This sounds simple but it's hard to do when rejections are coming in weekly. It's also hard when you see "400 people applied for this job" on LinkedIn. Ignore that! There may not be one truly qualified applicant besides you. Look at your resume and once again digest your accomplishments and capabilities. You were once successfully working at a company. You will be successfully working for a company again. It may not be on your timeline, but you will find that right fit.

👉5. Create a vision for your future - Some people like a vision board, vision paper, vision day planner to show where they are headed. Having it sit in front of you will help you manifest what you want to happen. It will remind you what you deserve and why you are working so hard to achieve your goal.

Imposter Syndrome is about doubting yourself and doubt is the precursor to fear. Fear can paralyze you and stop you from achieving the success you deserve. Own your previous success. Own your accomplishments. Own your thoughts to own your future.

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