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Team coaching

Do you have teams that can't get along, impacting productivity?

Is conflict within your team or within cross-functional teams destroying trust?

Are the team dynamics making it impossible to get work done?

Are you a manager who feels like your employee(s) constantly misinterpret your communications?

Team Coaching With Marlo Lyons On Computer

Whether it's a manager struggling to see eye to eye with an employee or a high profile team which isn't in sync on the way they communicate with each other or cross-functional team members who need find common ground to work together, team coaching could be the answer. Team coaching is a way to create a safe space in a room where people can be themselves, speak their minds  and find common ground and connection.


The International Coaching Federation says it best when it describes the advantages of team coaching,


"Team Coaching empowers teams to work toward continued high performance and ongoing

development, requiring innovation, flexibility, adaptability and goal alignment."


A team can be two people such as a manager and employee, or it can be dozens of people on one team or employees who work cross-functionally. Team coaching can help teams resolves conflict, build or rebuild trust, and provide new perspectives on relationships and dynamics within the team. The most common areas for team coaching:


Rebuilding trust

Creating psychological safety

Overcoming fear

Conflict resolution

Communicating transparently


Eliminating emotional reasoning

Yes, it's possible to restore teams to optimal productivity. I have successfully coached teams of all sizes in person and remotely to help them reflect on the team dynamics and understand each member of the team's perspectives in a way that inspires them want to work together to maximize their potential and reach their common purpose and shared goals. 


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