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Executive coaching

How do you inspire your team to tap into their best innovative thinking?

How do you effectively influence up, down, and across the company? 

How do you position your organization in the best way to scale?


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Whether it's coaching on how to lead through crisis, how to help your team effectively communicate, or how to manage up to the C-Suite, I can provide you the safe space to continue your own growth as an impactful leader for your organization and feel confident in your ability to solve any challenges, build / rebuild relationships, and make forward-thinking decisions. Your employees are watching you - what you say and what you don't say - therefore, your leadership in good times and challenging times will mean the difference between optimizing your teams for peak performance or missing out on opportunities. 

"It's lonely at the top, so you better know why you are there."

                                                                   - John C.  Maxwell

My executive coaching experience working with the C-Suite, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Sr. Directors and Directors combined with my legal and HR background and my personal experience as a people leader and executive in start ups to Fortune 500 companies gives me a unique understanding of how to coach you to lead with confidence, curiosity, and compassion while still being ambitious for excellence. Coaching can help you transform your company, department, or function into a resilient organizations which is comfortable with ambiguity and redirection to build new ways of working and drive mindset shifts.  This is your time and your agenda though most executives seek coaching in the following areas: 

Business strategy 

Problem solving

Building/Rebuilding trust

Stakeholder alignment

Stakeholder management

Effective influence / Influence without authority


Navigating Politics

Managing the Board

Empowering teams

Conflict resolution / Team coaching

Business empathy

Feedback framework

Emotional Intelligence / Self awareness

Goal setting (Goals, objectives, strategies, tactics)

Human Capital strategies (attraction, retention, employee lifecycle)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Organizational Design

Change Management

Confidence / Imposture Syndrome

Interpersonal relationships



Design Thinking

I have also successfully coached junior and mid-level managers to bring more value to their organizations which has resulted in higher performing teams and/or promotions to more senior leadership positions.

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